Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Renewing a School

Babies . . .
Praying for people in the dump

and more babies

Painting the school

Using machetes

Meeting Parents of the girls

Touring the dump

Today we spent back in the dump renewing the school for a new school year. The kids are out of school for the month of January and start back up soon so the school in the dump needed some painting and cleaning done to get ready for the next year. Working in this little oasis of hope is such a blessing. It gave our team a new perspective on the work being done in the dump. It was almost easy to forget there was a dump outside, just feet from where we were working. Some of the girls from the Villa took the opportunity to come with us and spend some time working in the school. We had a lot of fun painting and enjoying each other as a team. Once back at the Villa we cleaned up, had dinner, and then spent our evening with the girls in their youth group that Katie and Dwight McGrew, missionaries here, facilitate for them every Tuesday night. We so appreciated how Ana, one of the younger girls living at the Villa, shared with us from Psalms 6 and how God has saved her and is changing her. We love seeing God work.

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